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Starting with the best quality ingredients, we showcase Italian culinary spirit, from the plump, vine-ripened tomatoes in our Alfresco Italian foods traditional spaghetti sauce to tender pastas filled with five-cheese perfection. Our full line of fresh Italian products brings the true taste of Italy to your table.

Our Strengths, Your Benefits

Chef Inspired Italian Specialties including pasta, sauce and breadsticks

Easy-to-use products for
food service, schools and healthcare facilities

Whole Grain and
Enhanced Products

Mouthwatering tomato
sauce and breadsticks with authentic Italian flavors

Strategically Crafted

We create convenient, easy-to-use products with the chef in mind. We never compromise on quality, and we will always put your needs first. This makes Alfresco not just a supplier, but a partner equipped to provide custom innovations and solutions that save time and labor.

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Alfresco Products

Our Product Line


We offer a variety of frozen pasta including manicotti, twin manicotti, rigatoni, stuffed shells, and ravioli.  Additionally, we offer over 15 pre-cooked pasta options including wholegrain and non-wholegrain, cheese and vegetable flavors.


Our delicious tomato sauces are easy to store and prepare.  Shelf-stable and frozen varieties are available for your convenience.  We offer both nutritionally enhanced and non-nutrient enhanced sauces.


Alfresco Italian breadsticks are the perfect complement to our pasta and sauces; add them to your menu for a complete dish that will have everyone coming back for more!  Offering both wholegrain and non-wholegrain options.

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We promise to meet your needs with efficiency, and to deliver consistent products with unparalleled quality, so you can serve up delicious Italian dishes your customers will never forget. Contact us today to get started!

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