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Tijuana Tortilla’s corn and flour tortillas, chips, and salsa are made from only the highest quality ingredients.  Our authentic corn and flour tortillas are made in a variety of sizes and flavor profiles so you can create your favorite Mexican entrees and wraps anytime!

Our Strengths, Your Benefits

Made with Real sweet
vine ripened tomatoes

Produced locally in
New York

Economical Solutions 

portion your own 3 oz. serving from our 10 lb. cans 

Most Popular option for Red/Orange vegetable with students

Did You Know?

Our salsa is the perfect creditable condiment for schools. This mild salsa is available as a low sodium product and contains half of the sodium of its commercial alternative!

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Tijuana Products

Our Product Line


Regular Mild Salsa, Nutritionally enhanced Salsa with Vitamin Pack


Whole Grain, Regular, Corn, Jalapeño Cheese, Spinach, Sundried Tomato


Pre-cut chips, Tri Color Pre-cut Chips

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We promise to meet your needs with efficiency and to deliver authentic Mexican and Spanish foods with unparalleled quality, so you can serve flavorful dishes that your customers will enjoy eating.  Contact us today to get started!

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