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Our Story

Our Story

Global Food Solutions is a progressive foodservice partner that is uniquely positioned to create affordable and inspired foods for commercial and institutional foodservice operators.

Starting from humble roots in our home in 2004, we had a vision that would change how we looked at the next 20 years.  We believed we could change the way people looked at, thought about, and purchased their favorite foods, and we were passionate about feeding students across America.


Global Food Solutions is devoted to the development and distribution of affordable, wholesome, and sustainable food products.  From our inception in 2004 to currently serving over 5,000 schools and a variety of healthcare, academic, and hospitality institutions around the country, we have grown from a belief that when a company is built on sustainable values and is driven to provide the best for customers, better food just comes naturally.

Proudly family owned and operated since 2004.

Did you know?

Global Food Solutions currently has over 7 Trademarked Brands

Global Food Solutions was started in
our home

First Product
Produced: Cinnamon Pancakes

We have over
125 individual
product SKU's


Environmental Statement: At Global Food Solutions, we strive to deliver sustainable and dependable performance while doing the right thing for the environment and society. It’s what our partners have come to expect from us.


Our Values. Our core values include being accountable, acting with integrity and respect, and demonstrating humility. These values guide us in our daily business decisions.


Our Food. We aim to create quality, wholesome, and nutritious foods for people across America with food solutions that meet a range of consumer preferences, tastes, and health needs.


Our Environment. As a food company, we must make responsible choices when it comes to our environment, including efficient use of water, energy, agricultural crop management, and more. We have committed to reducing energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water, and waste by 2020.


Our Communities. We care about our communities and believe it is our responsibility to invest in them – whether we are donating products to those in need, educating young people about proper nutrition, feeding kids, or working to reduce global malnutrition

Did you know?

We have been supplying product produced in New York State to NYC Public Schools since 2010. We work with over 10 companies based in New York to supply high-quality food access to over 1 million students daily in the New York State Market.

Pride of New York

Local Sustainability Program

Alfresco Italian Specialties provides full integration of New York State products and manufacturers!

Our mission is to source the best local products available to create a fully encompassing Italian product line for your schools. Beginning with quality ingredients, we craft chef-inspired Italian specialties that celebrate a passion for food. Our entire product line is produced with local ingredients, packaging, trucking, and warehousing for a fully sustainable Pride of New York program!

Our Network

Our Network

We have over 15 production facilities across America from coast to coast, with additional locations in Canada.  Together our network creates a strong, accessible, and responsive team of foodservice professionals.  We are your true source for global food production and partnership.  Become a part of our network, today!


We currently ship and distribute products to the 48 continental U.S. States.  
Contact our sales team directly for information on our international shipping.





At Global Food Solutions, we have over a decade worth of solution-providing experience. If there’s a way to improve your product, your line, or your brand, we’ll find it and bring it to your attention. Perhaps it will be something you’ve already considered, or maybe it will be something you’ve never thought of before. Either way, when you engage Global Food Solutions as your Co-Pack partner, we’ll not only make what you need, we’ll make it better.

Private Label
3rd Party Certified


Co-packing with Global Food Solutions will allow you to eliminate the responsibility, as well as the rising costs of operating a production facility. As a co-packing partner, we will consistently meet your needs and exceed your expectations. After all, better food not only comes naturally, it comes from exceptional companies.

Benefits of Co-packing with us

Greater Product Visibility

Increased Management of Costs

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Private Label

Our products have been proven to be a huge success in the market. By starting on a platform of success, we put you that much closer to achieving your sales goals.

Did You Know?

Private label accounts for 20% of super market sales

70% of distributors plan to add new products this year - 38% said they would do it with private labels

Private label provides consumers with a better value option than national brands

3rd Party Certified

Global Food Solutions' auditors and inspectors will provide you with a competitive edge that will boost your products to the top with consistency, cost efficiency, and increased confidence in knowing you are delivering a safe and certified product to your consumers.


So you've done the hard part; developed and produced a top-notch product that consumers will love, positioned your branding and packaging beautifully, now what? For Global Food Solutions, logistics is made part of the process with our sister company, LineCor Distribution Solutions.  LineCor strives to offer the best third-party logistics experience found in the industry. LineCor identifies and positions the most effective mode of transportation for every shipment, the first time, every time. Through our unified freight network, we are able to provide the most innovative and cost-effective way to get your products where they need to be.

We promise to meet your needs with efficiency, and to deliver delicious products with unparalleled quality, so you can serve delectable dishes that your customers will love.

Contact us today to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Global Food Solutions and what are the different brands?​

Global Food Solutions is the parent company to the following brands and trademarks.

Right Start Foods, Alfresco Italian Specialties, Branson’s Roadhouse BBQ and Grill, Bentley’s Gourmet, Harvest Promise, and Tijuana Tortilla. These are all brands owned and operated by Global Food Solutions.

Where are we located?

The plants Global Food Solutions work with are located both domestically and internationally through the 22 different contracted facilities we work with. Our office are located in Long Island, New York and our Satellite office is located in Fairfield, New Jersey.


Where do you ship products to?

We currently ship products to all over the 48 continental US States. We can make special arrangements for shipping internationally. Enquire more with us for these special services and solutions. We have a sister company LineCor Distribution Solutions that handles all of the shipment requests and is a fully certified third party logistics and supply chain management provider to the food service industry.


Does Global Food Solutions work with Further Processed Commodities for the USDA Child Nutrition Program?

Yes. Global Food Solutions is processing multiple commodities for the School Year 2017-2018.


What USDA Commodities does Global Food Solutions further process at this time?

For School Year (SY) 2017-2018 Global Food Solutions is approved with the USDA and NPA to process Commodity Flour, Eggs, and Tomato Paste! To learn more about your commodity diversions and how we can help extend your commodity dollars enquire with one of our school food experts today.


Do you offer commercial & commodity equivalents on your products?

Yes! All products offered through the further processed USDA Commodity foods program are available commercially as well.



What types of certifications do you offer on your products?

We offer a variety of certification on both our manufacturing partners and products. Our plant certifications include, SQF, AIB, Siliker, and BRC. Product Certifications include, Non-GMO Verified, USDA Organic, etc…….


Do you handle any produce?

At this time Global Food Solutions only handles Frozen and Canned Produce. We do not do any fresh produce and produce related goods. For more information about our PACA certification please enquire with our sales team.


Are all of your products frozen?

No! We offer many options shelf stable, canned, & refrigerated. For more about a specific products and the handling requirements per sku enquire further.

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