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WG Apple Cinnamon Cheerios Meal Kit

WG Apple Cinnamon Cheerios Meal Kit

SKU: PUB-0004

1 Meal Kit containing one WG Apple Cinnamon Cheerios Cereal, one
Honey Graham Crackers, and one Orange-Tangerine Juice is equivalent to
a 2 ounce grain equivalent and a 1/2 cup Fruit based on the USDA Child
Nutrition Guidelines.


Product Specifications

Brand: Power Up Foods Breakfast
Portion Size: 1 Meal Kit (6.23 oz)
Serving Size: 1 Meal Kit (6.23 oz)
Servings per Case: 60
Gross Weight: 25.36 Lbs
Net Weight: 23.36 Lbs
Country of Origin: USA
Kosher: N/A
Child Nutrition: YES

Shipping Information

Length: 19.875”
Width: 13.125”
Depth: 18.5”
Case Cube: 2.80
Ti x Hi: 7 x 5
Shelf Life: 4 Months from Date of Production
Storage Temperature: Keep in ambient climate

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