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Profitability Calculator

The Right Start Foods School Foodservice & Foodservice portfolio features long-trusted products that customers and operators know and love.

How profitable can your business be using Right Start Foods products? 

Find Out Now!

Profit Per Serving

Helpful Tips

1. Enter Menu Price (Meal is sold for)


2. Enter Cost of Right Start Foods Component/s through distribution cost. 


3. Enter other component costs through distribution.


4. Add additional costs like labor for each meal serving.


5. Enter estimate number of meals served for that menu day


6. See profit per meal and day using Right Start Foods products! 

*Costs are based on industry estimates and are subject to change.


**Right Start Foods makes no guarantees on profitability; such pricing tool is intended for estimation purposes only.

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Helpful Tips Profit Calculator

We promise to meet your needs with efficiency, and to deliver delicious breakfast foods with unparalleled quality, so you can serve delectable dishes that your customers will love. Contact us today to get started!

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