Raspberry Yogurt

Yogurt Parfait Kits

Fully Assembled or Build Your Own

Yogurt Parfait Kit 

Build Your Own

Dried Cranberries, Granola, Plastic Lids

Each Case Provides Enough Material for 96 Complete Yogurt Parfaits. Just Add Yogurt!

Upstate Farms: The Perfect Fit!
To complete your parfait with Upstate Farms Yogurt! Shelf-Life of Yogurt from Date of Pack: 90 Days. New York State Produced: All Milk from NY Dairy Farmer Co-Op.

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Cool Dry Storage

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Granola Bag1_clipped.png
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Vanilla Yogurt Clipped_IMG_8921.png

Complete Yogurt
Parfait Kit

Fully Assembled

Non Fat Vanilla Yogurt, Dried Cranberries, Granola, Plastic Lids

Refrigeration Needed


Great Products AND Great Service!

Want us to assemble your parfait kits for you? No problem!

See below for examples of what you can expect when opening a box of our assemble yourself yogurt parfaits and our fully-assembled yogurt parfaits.

Yogurt Parfait Self Assemble.jpg

Assemble Yourself

Yogurt Parfait Pre Assemble.jpg


Frequently asked questions

What is the shelf life on a complete yogurt parfait kit?

Since we partnered with Upstate Farms who manufactures yogurt with the longest shelf life in the industry, we guarantee a 60-day shelf life delivered to the distributor.

Does the Right Start Foods Complete Yogurt Parfait come in different flavors?

Our complete Yogurt Parfait kit is only made with the Upstate Farms nonfat vanilla yogurt, but you can purchase our yogurt parfait component kit that contains 96 1 ounce packages of granola, 96 1.16 ounce packages of dried cranberries and 96 plastic lids and then add whatever flavor of Upstate Farms 4-ounce yogurt your students would like.

If we are purchasing the component pack can we use another brand of yogurt besides Upstate Farms?

No, we teamed with Upstate Farms to design our custom lid to fit their 4-ounce yogurt for a perfect seal. We partnered with Upstate Farms as they provide great quality yogurt with the longest shelf life in industry, offering 90 days from pack, giving us time to create our complete yogurt parfait and getting it to your distributor with still 60 days to serve this great product to your students!

Is the granola in the yogurt parfait gluten free?

No, the granola in the yogurt parfait and the yogurt parfait component kit contains wheat.

Is the granola in the yogurt parfait nut free?

Yes, our granola is nut free, although there are nuts present in the facility.

Is the yogurt parfait kosher?

Our granola and dried cranberries are certified kosher. If you need a copy of the certificate or other information please feel free to reach to email at info@globalfoodsolutions.co

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