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Be The Change

Over the past few months, we have really been focusing on what we can do, as a company, to really make a difference. Yes, like many other companies, we make donations all of the time, however, we felt it was time to really put our heads together and come up with some kind of a long-term goal to drive change.

We came across "Be Strong," the anti-bullying movement, and absolutely loved everything they stood for. Be Strong is an organization that is not only trying to bring awareness to the severity of bullying in our society, but to actually take it one step further and empower the kids to make a difference, themselves. There are some really great anti-bullying awareness programs out there, but Be Strong is actually holding the kids accountable to stand up and be the change that they want to see in society, which we feel is SO important.

Everyone has a story that relates to bullying; whether you were bullied or stood by and watched someone you know getting bullied, everyone has had experience with it in some way, shape, or form. I, myself, was bullied when I was in elementary school, so this is something that really hits close to home for me, in particular. Since this is such a relevant and underrated cause, we felt that as a company we could really do something to step in, and help drive the Be Strong mission.

Food is a universal vehicle for change- no matter the culture, food is always a staple. People have meals for business meetings, to speak about personal issues, or even just to bring families and friends together. With that being said, Global recognized the impact that we could really make by teaming up with Be Strong, being that our food gets in the hands of so many children, every single day.

We are really so excited to help "Be The Change." We, as a team, truly see the impact that we could be making in so many kid's lives by partnering with Be Strong, and we are so thrilled to be start building our partnership with them. Please keep an eye our on our social media pages, and keep checking on our blog, to follow our new journey with Be Strong!


To learn more about Be Strong, please visit their website:

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